El Cajon Shooting where a Ugandan Refugee shot dead by the Police some 16 miles away from San Diego has sparked outrage in America. The incident has further raised the debate of fatally shooting Afro-American. Police have confirmed that the man in his 30s was mentally unstable. Here is what happened as per police.

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El Cajon Shooting

El Cajon Police received a 911 call from the sister of the victim that her brother is not behaving like himself. He is mentally unstable and asked police for help. Two officers located him at a street when he was dangerously moving across. The officers tried to communicate to him but he did not pay any attention. But then suddenly he took something from his pocket and stood in shooting stance. The officers shot him several times. When he was taken to hospital he was pronounced dead. Ironically, the object that he drew from his pocket was a vapor device for smoking. Police have confirmed that as well.

Protestors are lining up in the El Cajon Police department with placards of “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot”. The inconsolable sister of the victim was heard yelling that Police was called for help but they instead killed her brother.

The department has received Video evidence of the incident and a fair probe has been assured for the El Cajon Shooting incident. The victim has been identified as Alfred Olango.

The incident further sparked the debate that is America becoming racist? Well, it is many ways unfortunate especially when they have a Black President.

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