Source: Reuters

Ebola outbreak in Congo has worried the people of Congo. The African Country has already received the confirmation from the WHO for the outbreak and is preparing for the tough times ahead.

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So far, three people have died among 19 cases of suspected Ebola outbreak confirmed Reuters. So far, 2 cases have been confirmed and 125 suspected people are yet to be traced by the health authorities. It is however not clear that how the first person received the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The last Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea killed close to 11,600 people. However, Congo was unaffected by that outbreak mostly. But this outbreak may impact the country believe the health experts. Congo has however seen many such outbreaks in the past. It has the River Ebola which flows through the dense forest of the country. This is the place where the Ebola Virus was first discovered in 1976. However, Congo has mostly dealt with the situation without massive loss of lives, quoted Reuters Report.

The report also confirmed that GAVI Global Vaccine Alliances have said that almost 300,000 doses of Ebola would available to the country in case there is a massive outbreak.

The health authorities believe that the outbreak can spread considering the African history. Cases are on the rise on the remote northeaster province of Bas-Uele of Congo where the country shares the border with Central African Republic. There are possibilities that Ebola Outbreak may leave the border of the country as well.