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Eastern Ghouta Attack near to the eastern neighbourhood of the Damascus, Syrian capital has already killed 77 civilians on Monday. According to the Human Rights Observatory, 20 children were killed among them in the heavy aerial bombardment in the area. The towns of the Eastern Ghouta area have been held by the Rebels and the Jihadists. The Regime has suffered from rocket attacks in the capital from this area as well. 20 civilians were killed alone this month by the rocket attacks from the rebels and jihadists in Damascus. The offensive attack came after the Syrian Regime caused heavy attacks on the Eastern Ghouta area earlier this month that killed around 250 people. Overall, on Monday more than 350 people were injured and the death toll may increase by a considerable amount.

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People in the towns are hiding in the basements after the Government forces started bombing Eastern Ghouta towns. The Eastern Ghouta Attack is one of the policies of the Regime to reclaim all the lost ground to the rebels and jihadists near the Damascus. There is no stopping of killing in Syria since the war erupted in 2011. The Eastern Ghouta area is held by the rebels and jihadists since 2012.

The forces are also planning to go ahead in Afrin which is controlled by the Kurdish Army and facing Turkish Aggression bordering the Southern part of Turkey. The Turkish President Erdogan has already warned of consequences if any assistance is provided to the YPG group or Kurdish People Protection Unit. According to Turkey, YPG is a terror group which is linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party and they want them to remove from the Syria-Turkey Border.

Syria is facing the war since 2011 when protests erupted against the Government. Since then the country has been divided and controlled by the Regime, Jihadists, Rebels and Kurd Armies. At least 340,000 people have lost their lives since 2011 in Syria conflict.