Earthlike Planets have been found out by the Scientists and since then the chance of extraterrestrial life and alien existence have rocked the mind of people. The Star System is around 39 Light Years away from Earth and that is quite small a distance in the Universal Space. Yes, there are many similarities between the star system and the solar system and the planets with earth, but it is not at all sure that there is life. Well, it cannot be said anything as of now, but the research is far away from a conclusion.

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The star of the system is smaller than Sun and has less warmth. However, the planets are quite close to the star and thus receive adequate warmth for habitable atmosphere. The water and liquid can remain in the liquid form at this temperature and of course, it is ideal for life to exist, neither too cold nor too hot. The size, mass and the weight of the planets are also very similar to the earth and thus it becomes even more interesting. However, there are several other factors that are responsible for life and water on earth apart from these. Mars and Venus have a habitable temperature but so far no clue of life has been found there. But the Earthlike Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy has opened up a gate of research for the space scientists.

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There are possibilities that scientists may not find any life there but one thing is for sure, there are many earthlike planets in the Galaxy where alien life could be found. Moreover, even if there is no life, the search results from these planets can reveal many secrets of the Universe.