Latest News Stories on Durga Puja Immersion – Calcutta High Court has rejected the Mamata Banerjee verdict and allowed the immersion on the day of Muharram.  However,  Mamata Banerjee reacted rather strangely and as per News 18, told that State Government won’t take any responsibility if anything goes wrong.  She said that she won’t tolerate riots and the decision is against the peace of the state. However,  her Government  claimed in the court that there is harmony among the people and failed to give concrete evidence of banning the immersion.

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Durga Puja Immersion row in West Bengal Politics has come again and again in the top stories of the day since last few days. The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee put to hold the Durga Puja immersion, the biggest festival of Bengali Hindus, for a day for the Muharram procession. The State gave a statement that celebration of two religions may disrupt the law and order of the state and thus the action has been taken. However, she maintained that there is complete harmony in the state between Hindu and Muslims.

A PIL was filed in the Calcutta High Court on the same. The court observations were categorical and Mamata Banerjee would hardly have any more logic to defend that. The court observed that if there is complete harmony in the state, then why the State Government needs to draw a line between the Hindus and Muslims. The court said that both the religions have the freedom to practice their religion and asked the state to do so. The court said that the State cannot interfere with the fundamental rights of the people by saying that there can be law and order problems.

The Court said that to ban the immersion or curb the timings, the State Government must come with the concrete proof that both the communities cannot live together. However, if there is no proof then there is hardly any possibility that ban will be imposed. Previously the State Government said that the Police has Two requests of the Tajias or Procession of Muharram and the court slapped the State Government saying that how the Government can justify a ban for two occurrences.

Mamata Banerjee Government imposed the rule that Durga Puja Immersion would be allowed till 10 PM on September 30 and will be disallowed on October 1 for Muharram. The court verdict is expected to come on Thursday and there are all possibilities that the Calcutta High Court would reject the argument of the Government and the immersion rule imposed will be lifted.