Toni Standen
Source: Daily Star

Dream wedding is everyone’s dream. But how far can you go to achieve that? Well, one woman did the unthinkable. She basically, pretended to be terminally ill, followed by shaving her head and then collected funds from others.

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Fraudster Toni Standen, 29, from West Derby, Liverpool, started a story. She said that she has cancer in her legs and got just two months to live. Friends soon started a Go Fund Me Page and started helping her with a ‘wedding they deserve’.

The group raised a whopping £8500 for the dream wedding and a dream honeymoon to Turkey.

Standen now is at the center of that entire controversy. Her friends got suspicious about her when she claimed she has caught coronavirus. The friends then called her and recorded the call. She reportedly admitted to fraud.

In Chester Magistrate’s Court, she confessed to being deceptive with false information. The jobless woman now faces jail for her actions.

After claiming she has cancer and shaved off her head, she said that she wants to fulfill her father’s wish. According to her, Derek, her 57-year-old father also had cancer. The wedding was held after the death of her father at St Bede’s Catholic Church.

Her newly-wed husband, James flew to Turkey for a honeymoon as well. The couple also traveled to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Italy.

The court said that Standen has breached a horrible breach of trust.

The Daily Mail reported that the court would pronounce the verdict at a later date.