Source: CBSNews

A double stabbing outside Charlie Hebdo Office has created panic in France. French Terrorism authorities are investigating the case. The double stabbing took place just outside the former office of the Charlie Hebdo where a dozen people were killed in a terrorist attack in 2015.

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The counter-terrorism prosecutor said that the terrorism angle is being investigated for the time and place of the crime. Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said that two suspects were arrested. Another person linked with the crime has been arrested.

The attacker did not know the victims. A man and woman were on a smoke break and worked for a production company. They were stabbed to death.

The identification of the murderer has not been revealed. It is also not revealed that what prompted the attack. The lives of the victims are not at risk. The French Minister Jean Castex said that the government’s solidarity is with the families and colleagues of the victims.

The incident happened when the trial of the Charlie Hebdo attack is undergoing. This increases the suspicion of the attack even more. However, the Prime Minister assured people to keep the freedom of the press and determination to fight terrorism in any form.

Charlie Hebdo has criticized the attack heavily.

The newspaper said reported CBS News

“This tragic episode shows us once again that fanaticism, intolerance, the origins of which will be revealed by the investigation, are still present in French society…There is no question of ceding anything.”

This comes after Charlie Hebdo reproduced the cartoons.