Double Child Rape and Murder rocked Russia. Two young daughters were killed by the pedophile boyfriend of mum. The kids were knifed to death. The mother met the alleged killer on a dating app.

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A huge manhunt has been launched to find Vitaly Molchanov, 41. He was last seen after Rybinsk, Russia. He was last seen after the crime wearing a red and black tracksuit.

On Tuesday, when Valentina Supernova, 40, came home from work, she faced the most horrific situation of her life. Both of her young daughters were killed. Elena, 8, Yana, 13, were shredded by a knife.

The boyfriend was seen leaving the place in a white bicycle.

Forensic reports have confirmed that both the girls are raped before being killed reported News.Com.Au.

Molchanov, 41, was caught later hiding behind bushes. He was arrested later on. After arrest, he said,

“At about 8 pm I opened another bottle and finished it at about 10 pm. And, so to say, killed them”

Russian Investigative Committee has opened the Double Child Rape and Murder case.

Source: News.Com.Au

Police said that Molchanov has a criminal history. He has been jailed before for child murder and sex attackers. He is a pedophile and hid it from his girlfriend.

MS. Suprunova, 41, a nurse, met Molchanov, via a dating app. She fell for him and traveled across 2500 km to stay with him. She was unaware of his background history and moved in with him.

The neighbors and friends of Suprunova, expressed sadness, for her. Many have blamed the Kremlin for poor punishment against pedophiles.