Dorsa Derakhshani, the Iranian player who was banned for playing for the Iranian National Team has changed her side. She will now play for the United States Chess Federation. The highly talented chess player was banned by the Iranian Chess Federation for not wearing a Hijab or Headscarf during a match. The news has been confirmed by both the Chess Federation and her side has also been officially altered in FIDE.

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The Woman Grandmaster, Dorsa Derakhshani, has impressed many during her short but eventful career. However, she was compelled to wear Hijab and was ousted from the team when she did not. Iran has a strict dress code for the women since Islamic Revolution in 1979. All the women are bound to wear Hijab in all public places. Dorsa left Tehran for Barcelona in 2015 for an invitation offered by a club. The club funded for her education as well in Spain. She is however now in the United States and also completing her education.

President of Iranian Chess Federation Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh confirmed the news and said Dorsa only represented Iran once in 2014 and she has switched her side. However, Shohreh Bayat, the General Secretary of Iranian Chess Federation said that Dorsa Derakhshani has just changed her federation to the United States, but she is not playing for the US National Chess team.

Ironically, Dorsa’s brother Borna Derakhashani has also been banned by the Chess Federation. He has banned because he played against an Israeli member. Iran does not consider Israel as a country and also support Anti-Israel groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.