Donald Trump vs James Comey – US President has dented the Position forever

Donald Trump vs James Comey, the ex-FBI Chief case has become a gossip in the entire world media. There was a time when the world used to talk about the US policies, plans of President and the actions that may impact the world. However, things have changed. Since the scandalous affair of Bill Clinton, US Presidents have remained focused for political reasons. However, the 45th POTUS has changed and dented the position forever. The Russian links, Paris Deal, relationship with the allies, Trans-Pacific relationship and much more have come in the way of Donald Trump and he has ensured that the US loses something or the other in every case.

James Comey testified his comments to the Senate Panel about the allegations against the former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. James Comey alleged that Donald Trump interfered in the probe against Mr. Flynn which was part of the broader investigation of alleged Russian interference in the US Elections 2016. He went to reveal details of the Private Communication held between him and the President in front of the Senate Panel.

The Donald Trump vs James Comey saga went further ahead as the former FBI director testified the statements made by the President. Mr. Comey said that on January 26, Mr. President told him, “I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting, and so I thought it really important to document” about Michael Flynn. He went on to say that he was urged to drop the case against Flynn and told him “I hope you can let this go,” on February 14.

Donald Trump has reacted to this and said that Mr. Comey has lied and vindicated. His lawyer also refuted the charges and planning for legal course to deal with the statements made by Ex-FBI Chief.

This is the very first time, the US looks like other countries who are involved in domestic petty politics.