Donald Trump Tax – 20 Years of No Tax for him?

Donald Trump Tax report has come under observation after the Times reported the same. As per the reports, the Republican Candidate may not have paid tax for almost 20 years.

As per the reports, Donald Trump Tax loss was claimed for about $916 million USD in 1995. Like many other corporates in the US who earn through different corporate structure may have allowed him to not pay tax for 20 years. The Times have obtained a report as well regarding the same. The reports also suggest that for anyone who has claimed a tax loss of such huge amount do not need pay tax for next 18-20 years. However, the reports do not claim anything illegal. It has to be noted that Donald Trump reported almost bankruptcy in the 1990s. Since then the Republican Candidate posted a loss of almost $916 million USD.

The party has rejected the reports and said Donald Trump Tax has been paid regularly fo millions of dollars over the years. The Times did not claim the report to be absolutely true.

Even though there is nothing illegal with Donald Trump Tax case but the reports may further create controversies for the controversial candidate. Donald Trump has declared a property of around $10 billion. The Presidential Election of United States has become more controversial after this.

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