Matt York/AP

Donald Trump, President of the United States, took a dig at the protestors today. The protestors took the street to voice against the in-person voting. They urge that the universal voting by mail should be encouraged and adopted considering the pandemic. Many of the States have already adopted voting by mails and Trump administration has already sued them for that. Nevada and New Jersey allowed voting by mail.

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Trump took to Twitter and said that if they can come in person to protest, then they can come in person to vote. Well, something very logical as well.

Donald Trump has claimed that voting by mail would not have any outcome. Either the election would be rigged or there will be no outcome and re-election need to be arranged. He urged that nobody wants that happen, not even him. He urged that universal voting would consist of rampant fraud and would be a disaster.

However, speaking to the media at the White House, the President made a distinction between voting by mail initiatives and absentee voting. He said that absentee voting is actually great and it is been working for a long time. He drew the example of Florida. He said that the process is simple when someone requests it, it comes and then it is sent back.

However, when everyone votes in the mail, it will not be honest voting. He urged that millions of ballots cannot be sent haphazardly all over the country or a state.

He even said that the people must come in person and vote in November. Donald Trump said that the protests around racial justice and police reforms are going on and that is why Americans must come and vote.

On the Presidential Election front, Democratic Party has officially announced former Vice President Joe Bidden as the Presidential Candidate. This would be the third time when Joe would run for the White House. He has previously contested in 1988 and in 2008. He was the Vice President in the Obama Administration. Joe Bidden has chosen Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential candidate.