Donald Trump New Claim – Obama is Founder of ISIS

Obama is founder of ISIS and Hilary Clinton is a co-founder. Don’t get a shock of a lifetime, this is what Donald Trump claimed now. The republican candidate for US presidential Elections, Donald Trump made this sensational claim in Florida.

Trump who was seen as a front runner is slowly losing popularity but has not restricted any of his bizarre claims so far. He has long accused President Barrack Obama but this time, he went a bit ahead and said Barrack Hossein Obama, the original name of President Obama. Donald Trump has previously claimed that President Obama is a Muslim and he was born in Kenya. However, the truth is he is a Christian and was born in Hawaii, United States.

If the history of ISIS is checked then it started off as a breakaway from the Al-Qaida and Jordon born Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was the then leader of ISIS. However, he died in 2006 but he is still considered as the founder of ISIS. The accusation of Donald Trump as Obama is  founder of ISIS can further bring down the level of American Politics. Donald Trump has made many controversial statements during his campaign and has received flacks from different sections of the society.

He first gained good response and popularity but slowly he is losing it.

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