Donald Trump Kim Jong-Un Supremacy Battle – Is the World suffering?

Donald Trump Kim Jong-Un battle has become the top news stories now instead of the age-old North Korea United States controversy. Every time, North Korea fires a ballistic missile or tests nuclear, Donald Trump comes with a threatening message and sends the team for drills. Well, Kim Jong-Un responds with another test. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un have made the world not better place by any means. No doubt, both the leaders lack a sense of responsibility and level of maturity at a time when the Korean Peninsula is on the brink of the war.

The news that is being reported from all over the world now about North Korea is that a potential hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean. The risk of that incident cannot be measured in mere words. Forget about the risk of losing lives, if people do not die, marine lives will be disrupted by a considerable amount. The impact on the climate will be huge as we are already struggling with the threatening Global Warming and Climate changes. However, Kim Jong-Un has now found an excuse to prove the nuclear preparedness to destroy the United States by showing the final strength. Donald Trump recently gave a strong statement from the UN and said that the North Korea would be “totally destroyed” if the US is threatened.

Two scenarios appear here if the North Korea goes ahead with the test.

In the first case, an ICBM may be fired with a nuclear warhead with the hydrogen bomb. The missiles can be turned on just over the Pacific Ocean. The spreading of the radioactive material, in this case, is very high. If anything goes wrong, then there can be a catastrophic impact.

If the missile is turned on the higher altitude, then the climate can be deeply impacted. The Ozone layer can get further ruptured. If the altitude is lowered then it can be again a drastic impact.

It is not sure that whether North Korea has developed a Nuclear Warhead. This may be a bluff from Kim Jong-Un. However, the interesting case for Donald Trump Kim Jong-Un controversy is that both are unpredictable and even the think tanks can be left confused with their actions.

It is about showing maturity now. The North Korean regime may come under serious threat economically, diplomatically and militarily from the world, if the Supreme Leader of North Korea does anything that harms the world.