Domestic Abuse
Source: Express EN

In a rare case of domestic abuse, a mother was held under suspicion for holding her son captive for 28 years.

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The woman took her son out of school when he was in 7th grade, around 13 years of age. She is believed to have kept him locked in their Stockholm suburb house ever since. The neighbors said the mother, now 70-years-old, manipulated everyone.

The shocking incident came into the light when one of the relatives found the son, now, 41-years-old. Everyone in the neighborhood is shocked to find out how the entire life was snatched from that man.

The relative had her suspicion for a long time but never figured it out. On Sunday evening, the mother went to a hospital. It was the opportunity that the relative could not miss. She ventured into the apartment. She explained that the apartment was dirty and felt like was not cleaned for many years.

Speaking about that evening, she said, that there was silence apart from the TV which was on. However, she soon found out noise from the kitchen and figured that was the son.

He could barely walk. There were sores all around his body. Open wounds and sores were filled up to his knees. There were puddles of pus in him. He was in horrible condition.

The relative recalled, even though the man met and saw her when he was a teen, he recognized her. He could barely talk but mumbled her name. the man kept whispering her name over and over.

The 41-year-old is now in a hospital in critical condition.

The 70-year-old mother is held for domestic abuse and suspicion of unlawful deprivation of liberty and causing bodily harm and illness, as per Express EN.