Doklam Standoff has exposed China in the whole world. A country which was aiming high to become the Next Superpower of the world has proven that they are nothing but cheap land grabber. The muscle flexing they have done so far has not worked with India. Now, they have threatened of disintegration by supporting the independence of Sikkim State from India. The ideology and the hostilities of China are clear in front of the world. Forget about Superpower, if China becomes a friend of a country, it would be great. However, they have two friends who are responsible for the 60% of the World Crisis, Pakistan and North Korea.

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China has always played its role to create rebels in India. The support for the ULFA in the North Eastern states is not unknown. The arms supplies and the cash inflow from the Chinese sources to destabilize India is also not something new. However, this is the first time that the Dragon Country has openly told the Evil ideas. This is a country that is blackmailing to satisfy the ego, this is a country that is doing everything possible to tarnish the image of the country. China is now nothing but a Hooligan of the World, a Rowdy.

The ill intentions of China have never fulfilled but the oppressor country is doing what it does best. China has occupied Tibet, Hong Kong, claims Taiwan (thankfully not part of it), Xinxiang and has a gifted area of Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistan which they have occupied from India.

India has defied all the threats and blackmails of the Communist country to send a signal that rowdiness is not going to work now. It is the time that India shows the muscle to China and hit them economically.

The only way China can be dealt is the China Way. They understand the language of crisis. The already struggling economy of China has a lot of dependence on India, may be the authorities now think about Chinese goods and products in India.

Chinese Media especially the State Sponsored Global Times has spread venom since the Doklam Standoff has begun. They first threatened of war, and then threatened of kicking off Indian, and then they gave the peace precondition and asked India to move, now disintegration by fuelling violence in India.

However, Indians are not all shocked by the series of events in Doklam Standoff. China has always been a hostile country and this is the first time they are getting the proper reply. The other countries must raise their voice before China thinks itself the GOD of Asia with the support of Terror States like Pakistan and North Korea.