Doklam Standoff has once again resurfaced thanks to the US congressman Ann Wagner. At US Congress Subcommittee hearing on South Asia Budget Priorities, Ann Wagner said that even though both parties backed down at Doklam a few months back, China has quietly resumed activities, and Bhutan and India have decided to dissuade it. Well, that can be a spine-chilling statement for many Indians and Chinese.

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The Indo-China relationship has off late started to build again, since the infamous Doklam Standoff last year. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met Chinese President Xi Jinping, a third time in just four months. They recently met on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in South Africa. Hence, the significance of the Doklam Standoff increases by many folds.

But the question remains, are India and China really engaging at Doklam? Well, Indian Army has categorically denied the reports. It has been clearly told that Chinese has not crossed the Torsa Nala and the activities are being carried at the place, where Chinese are already present. The Ministry of External Affairs has also denied the report of any standoff between India and China.

The US Congress said that India is vigorously defending its Northern Border and thus it is a matter of concern for India. However, the US strategy is to contain China from any aggressive approach on the Indo-China-Bhutan border. China which claims the South China Sea has reclaimed 70% of islands and have militarized them recently. The US might not want the same in South Asia, and probably the concern comes right from there. However, it seems that Chinese have not crossed the border and the countries are not at any standoff anywhere at this moment.