Docoss X1 Smartphone is ready to something similar to Freedom 251. As per the company the new Docoss X1 Smartphone will be sold at INR 888. The phone has quite significant features. However, it may do the same drama like Freedom 251 did few months earlier. Why people should be concerned about the new Docoss X1 is explained.

Docoss X1 Smartphone Features

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The smartphone has 4 inches of IPS Display with 800*480 resolution. The phone gives you 1 GB of RAM and 1.3 GHz Dual Core Processor. The native memory of the device is 4 GB and that looks great when the price considered. Docoss X1 comes with 2 MP of Rear Camera and 0.3 MP of Front Camera. The phone would be operated by Android 4.4 with a Dual SIM support. It supports both 3G and 2G with battery of 1300 mAh.

Why Docoss X1 Smartphone can be Freedom 251

Soon after Freedom 251, cheapest phone in the world was released, few controversies about the company and the product surfaced. Docoss X1 can be similar considering some valid points.


The registered domain for the smartphone that was purchased on April 27 does not function even now. The is the website and it looks like a plain website.


The first Ad and Marketing of the phone started on April 27 itself. They relied on huge economic sales and their late marketing strategy looks strange. For the marketing and advertising of their product to be launched successfully, the strategy needs to be the best it can be. You need to address as many people as possible, and if these people are already associated with the company, you may need to enlist the services of a digital marketing agency to help you personalize your marketing strategy to their own likes and wants. This will reassure them that you’re the right company for them, and this is particularly important when it comes to getting as many sales as possible.

Company Registration

The company was registered in March and they are planning to everything in short span of time. Docoss Multimedia Pvt. Ltd has been registered a month before.


The pre-booking starts from today, April 29 and the Docoss X1 smartphone is yet to unveil the details. Till yesterday, none of the call center number was operational as reported by Firstpost.


The delivery of the products is on May 2.

So, the company that was established a month before, discloses the very idea of INR 888 smartphone on April 27 and purchases the domain on the same day. The pre-booking is set to begin couple of days later and the delivery is ready just within 3 days. This looks extremely fishy and concerning. Whoever is investing in Docoss X1 smartphone must be very careful about it. It can be a Freedom 251 again.