People often wonder that why the obese children are more prone to overeating. It is also often noticed that it is hard to lose weight when you are obese. However, the scientists have found an answer to this. The ground breaking research has found that the brain functions for the obese children are different than the normal children. The research says that the obese children are more prone to eat because the brain functions in that way.

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The author from Vanderbilt University has mentioned that the only way to treat the problem is to go ahead with the mindfulness approach. An obese child should follow the weight management very seriously in order to get the increased inhibition along with the reduced impulsiveness. The same can be applied to the adults with the neurological functions. However, it is understood that the obesity, eating and the brain functions are deeply connected and one affects the another. It is not always possible to control the behavior of eating once you have the brain functionalities. The brain portion that controls the inhibition and the impulsiveness may not function in normal way when obesity starts in body.

Lead author of the report BettyAnn Chodkowski has mentioned that brain has great roles to play in the obesity. Interestingly it is equally true for the adults and for the children as well.

Obesity is one of the most crucial problems in kids in the world. There are many health issues are associated with obesity and proper weight management may lead to better handling of the problem.