In ancient time, India was famous for the wisdom, culture and civilization. However, RAPE has now infected the glory and the World considers India as a country for surging incidents of Rapes. Almost everyday, Rapes are reported, sometimes two or three incident a day. But more than that go unreported. The New YorK Times has reported a similar unreported story of Bitiya that has made a difference in Sexual Violence in the rural India.

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Bitiya as she preferred to call herself, raised her voice against the system. She was young meritorious student of 12 when four people gangraped her in a village in North India. They filmed her and as usual threatened her with the video release. The four people were from upper caste and influential and threatened her that if she opens her mouth, she will be responsible for her brother’s death. The trauma was enough to keep her mum like many others. But few days later her father saw a boy watching the film of her daughter. The clip was getting sold in local stores and Bitiya was inconsolable. There was hardly anyone who would go against the upper caste as they were Dalits and that too with no support from the villagers. But they decided to go with it.

The case is in court and in the due course, Betiya’s father has died. She has been offered with huge money to drop the case and has also hot threatening. But the brave hearted has not stopped. She was not allowed to go to school at a time but now she wants her rapists to go behind the bars.

She said that there is no dishonor to be raped but there is dishonor for raping. There are very few people who understand the meaning of it. The rural India still believes that if a boy Rapes a girl then they should get married. There is no more dishonor to that girl in that.

Candle light vigil and protests won’t do much for the victims but raising voice against the system would do. The brave hearted Nirbhaya could not teach the Indians much but Betiya has decided to teach the rapists a lesson. As the author explains she is the nightmare of the rapists. The rapists had to sell their lands to fight the case and the villagers now understood that there are consequences. The fight of Bitiya has made sure that there is no more RAPE in her village and this should give a message to all Indians.

Rape is not about anything else, it is about lack of consequences. Betiya is fighting her battle alone with some help of the activists. But this is India’s turn to give her daughter the due.