Carly Green
Source: Local 21 News

Dirty Dancing is what it can be called. A shocking incident left a family of a teen disturbed in Pennsylvania. A 22-year-old dance teacher sexually assaulted her teenage student.

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However, it is not as simple as it sounds. This was planned and continued for a long time.

Carly Marie Green, a 22-year-old dance teacher at Dance Obsessions in Aston has been charged for sexual assault for a 15-year-old student.
The family grew suspicious after the teenage student began to struggle in school.

The family has accused that Carly Green had sexual encounters with the teenage boy for over 50 times alone in the spring of 2018. They even exchanged nude photos over Snapchat and developed another sexual relationship again in 2019, reported Local 21 News.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer termed this incident as the nightmare of the parents. He further said,

She has violated the trust of the family. This is a girl at the age of 22, a young woman at the age of 22, who was an instructor at this dance school who prayed on a 15-year-old student. She used that relationship, that student-teacher relationship, to develop a sexual relationship, which is illegal.”

Dirty Dancing

However, the two did not just start relation one fine day. They thoroughly researched, arrests paper indicates. The duo researched the age of consent in Pennsylvania. The teacher-student even discussed that if caught, Carly Green would be arrested for minor charges.

She is facing multiple charges including statutory sexual assault and institutional sexual assault of a child.

She is however out on bail. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 25.