Dhulagarh Riots – Words and Actions Differ for Bengal CM

Dhulagarh Riots have finally come into the light after continuous denial of the Mamata Banerjee Government in West Bengal. The British Media, Daily Mail went to the Dulhagarh Riot hit area and reported the present situation. Well, it contradicts from the government version.

The victims say that the attack was planned and the mob carried petrol and kerosene bombs to fire the houses. The riot broke just after the celebration of Milad Ul Nabi. The reports suggest that people from Muslim community targeted the Hindu families in a small town near Kolkata. The majority of the victims have left their home and residing with their relatives. Recalling the horror, the eye witnesses and the victims said that the Police asked them to flee to save life and no attempt was made to stop the mob. One victim claimed that the attackers gave “Pakistan Zindabad” slogan as well.

Source: Daily Mail

The Chief Minister of West Bengal denied all the claims and told the Daily Mail to be ashamed for reporting it. However, the actions of the Government contradicts her words.

According to the Daily Mail reports, the SP Howrah Rural has been transferred already. The new officer has reportedly told that the situation is under control. The victims say that the Government has announced compensation of INR 35 Lakhs for the victims but that is not enough.

Dhulagarh Riots have remained out of the mainstream media for a long time due to lack of evidence. The Daily Mail reported that the area is still restricted to the opposition parties and media. Zee News was the first media house to report the Dhulagarh Riots and a FIR has been registered against it for doing so.

There are shreds of evidence for the riot and the central government must step in to examine the ground reality of the Dhulagarh.

Here is the Original Article Published in Daily Mail 

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