Dhaka Terror Attack – Father Apologizes for Huge Man U Fan Terrorist Son

Dhaka Terror Attack – M Imtiaz Khan Babul, a senior leader of Awami League and Deputy General Secretary of Bangladesh Olympic Association, apologized for the Dhaka Café Attack. His son, 20 years old Rohan Ibne Imtiaz was one among them. He said that he was shocked to recognize his son from the photo released by the ISIS of the terrorists.

The pained father said that he is an unfortunate father and the only thing that he could do is to apologize to India and the young girl who lost her life, Tarishi Jain. He also apologized to all the victims. Dhaka Terror Attack killed 22 people in the affluent café in Dhaka. However, the attackers were all from well affluent family and Rohan was not different.

Dhaka Terror Attack
Photo – AFP

His father said that he went missing from the home on December 30th last year. He registered a Missing Complaint on January 4 when he did not return home. However, he never saw him again until ISIS released the photos of the attackers.

According to his father, he was a topper in Maths and huge football fan. He was crazy about Man U. He said that he has no idea, how his son got radicalized. He is very amused and surprised about his son as well. He has no idea where he went and where he got training.

Dhaka Terror Attack has already shocked the country and today the Kishoreganj Blast has further increased the pain in Bangladesh.

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