Dhaka ISIS Attack: On Saturday, ISIS claimed responsibility for killing 20 civilians inside a popular Spanish bakery in Dhaka. The bakery was mostly visited by expats and foreign diplomats in Bangladesh. Taking advantage of that, around seven militants entered the bakery with loaded guns and took several foreign nationals as hostages. Gun battle with Bangladeshi security forces for around 10 long hours, the siege came to an end killing twenty hostages and two police officials.

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Indian Foreign Affair minister, Sushma Swaraj confirmed the death of one Indian national in the Dhaka ISIS attack. She took to twitter to express her grief over the death of 19-year-old Indian girl Tarishi Jain who was one of the hostages in Dhaka Spanish bakery.

Brigadier General Nayeem Ashfaq Chowdhury, director of Bangladesh military operations said that among the thirty-five hostages, the forces freed around fifteen civilians while rest of the hostages were brutally killed by the militants before the commando entered the Bakery. The initial report suggests that the hostages were slaughter using a sharp weapon and most of the dead bodies were recovered with slit throats. Italian and Japanese nationals were among the hostages who lost their lives in the gruesome attack.

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina condemned the Dhaka ISIS attack and vowed that her government is obliged to uproot the militants and extremists from Bangladesh. In recent years Bangladesh has seen a massive surge in violent attacks against the minorities in the country. However, the Sheikh Hasina government has always maintained that the violent attacks carried in the country against the liberals, bloggers and minorities do not have anything to do with ISIS. But it seems that the Bangladesh government will now have to act upon the ground reality rather than being in denial mode.

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