Breaking News: Dhaka Attack Live – Gunshots are heard again from Dhaka. It is been reported that no communication has been made so far. Three more people have been injured in gunshots and 2 policemen are also included in that. Reports suggest 35 people are in hospitals so far due to the attack. Two Italians believed to have succumbed to the injuries.

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More than sixty foreign nationals have been taken hostage in Dhaka Attack in Bangladesh. Holey Artisan Bakery restaurant has been attack in the key area of the Democratic Zone of Bangladesh. It has been reported that 10 militants have attacked the Spanish Restaurant. US Embassy has confirmed the attack. The gunmen attacked the Dhaka Restaurant which is very popular for foreign nationals. The gunmen attacked at around 9.20 PM local time.

Gunshots are heard and there are bloodshed. No death has been reported but there have been wounded. The gunmen fired bullets at the police officer and two foreign nationals believed to be Italians. The two Italian are believed to have succumbed to their injuries. It has been reported that there are expats and diplomats who have been taken hostage. There has been no information on the militant group but it is believed to be ISIS backed Islamic militants who have barged into the restaurant.

Bangladesh Government has stopped Live Coverage of the Dhaka Attack, but communication attempt are being made to understand the demand of the terrorists. It is believed that there are US, UK, Italian, Spanish and many other foreign nationals are taken hostage.

Even though the gunshots have stopped for a while but no information is available about the hostages.

It is believed that home grown militants have attacked the restaurant. However, it is very clear that the attack was clearly plotted for foreign nationals. The area that has been chosen is an embassy area and the restaurant is very popular among the foreign nationals.

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