Delhi Metro is back in news but this time not for the rush of the commuters but for the statistical data. Yes, the new data revealed by the CISF shows the incidents of the pickpockets inside the Metro. The figure could have been worrying but this time it is panicking. As per the records, 91% of the pickpockets were done by the women.

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The figure shows that almost 438 women were found in the Pick Pocketing case in Delhi metro out of 478 total reported cases. The data is in line with the previous years as well. Women have dominated the pickpocketing in the National Capital and it seems that it has become a trend. It is, however, important to understand the ways to avoid the pickpocketing in the Metro. Here are the simple things that one must do. Here are the answers for how to avoid pickpocketing in Delhi Metro and how to identify women pickpocket gang.


Women always enjoy a higher degree of trust and thus they con people very easily. They are generally found in wearing sarees because it becomes easy to hide the stolen things in sarees than any other outfits. They might have luggage as well.

Avoid Group

As per the CISF data, the majority of the con women are found with children or found in the group. They have a racket and they operate as per the plan. Whenever you find a group of women standing, it is always better to be careful.

Here is the photo of Women Gang busted by CISF at Chawri Bazar Metro Station (Image Courtsey – Hindustan Times)

Crowded areas

Pick Pocketing is obviously done at the crowded places, so stations like Rajiv Chowk, Central Secretariat, Kashmiri Gate, Chadni Chowk, Chawri Bazar and others are very vulnerable. One must be extra careful because the con women generally pick your pocket just before deboarding the train.


Be aware of these activities. Men can put their wallet in the front pocket because it is easy to pick your pocket at the back. Women can hold their purse or vanity close to them instead of keeping it loosely on their shoulders.

Women can con as well and Delhi Metro data has just revealed yet again that one needs to be extra careful whenever you are traveling in a metro.

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