Deepa Jayakumar has a valid point for Sasikala Natrajan

Deepa Jayakumar, niece of Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha has made a valid point for the elevation of Sasikala Natrajan as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The niece who has accused Sasikala for stopping her to meet her aunt has always been vocal against her as well.

Deepa Jayakumar said that people of Tamil Nadu had voted for Jayalalitha. However, after her sad demise, at least, one of the democratically elected leader should hold the top post. Sasikala was aid of Jayalalitha and mostly remained behind the scene. There have been many cases where she has been accused of harming the popular Chief Minister. Even former CM had fall out with M Natarajan, husband of Sasikala. Sasikala has also been involved in many controversies and scams. Considering all this Deepa Jayakumar wants someone else to be the CM who has already declared herself as the political heir of Jayalalitha.

AIADMK leaders however strongly supporting Sasikala to be the next CM. Well, even if they saw her as a leader, they should even given her a chance to prove that. She has hardly spoken at rallies and has not taken any post. However, she has been with Jayalalitha and many say that she was the original power in the last days.

The official sworn in of Sasikala Natrajan as CM is still awaited but Deepa Jayakumar is in no mood to give away anything. She said that she would declare her political ambitions on February 24, birthday of Amma.