Shaheen Bagh
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Shaheen Bagh is a familiar name in Indian politics. Just before the COVID19 took the centre stage, Shaheen Bagh was on everyone’s mind in India. It is a locality in national capital New Delhi, where protesters sat down against the Government. The demand was to repeal the CAA and NRC laws passed by the Indian government.

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Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed by the Modi Government in India in 2019. The law says that prosecuted minorities from the neighboring country who are staying in India at least since 2014 would be granted citizenship. However, thousands of protesters especially from the Muslim community staged a protest against the government accusing them of discrimination. The protest soon turned violent as well. The protesters said that the Muslim community was omitted from the bill. However, the government explained that all the countries mentioned in the Act (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan) are Islamic majority countries. The government did not pass NRC, but the Muslim community feared that it would be passed and protested.

Well, Shaheen Bagh ended after Delhi Government cleared the area which was blocked for months to ensure COVID19 safety measures.

However, it is trending again. Many leaders who staged a protest against the BJP government are now joining the BJP. The Shaheen Bagh leaders are terming BJP, not Anti-Muslim. Well, this seems against the odd, obviously and many political analysts and politicians have jumped to draw some conclusions.

There could be two scenarios with leaders of Shaheen Bagh joining BJP. Let’s understand each of them.

The very first is what Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal is suggesting. BJP sponsored the Shaheen Bagh movement and did not clear the protest site for the same reason. Now, these leaders are joining back. Well, if that is the case, then it was one of the worst policies of the party. It did more harm to BJP than any other party.

This also justifies one more thing that opposition has been claiming. So, the Muslim minority of India isn’t against CAA. If the protest was staged by BJP, then there was no real outrage. Arvind Kejriwal and other leaders who are claiming BJP staged everything, then must acknowledge that Shaheen Bagh was a facade and there was no outrage among people.

Now, come to the second scenario. It was often said that the protestors have not understood the act well and protesting just to oppose the ruling party. Well, if the leaders of protest coming to the fold of BJP, then, BJP might have finally made them understood that it is for the good.

Many others would say, the leaders of the protest are bought with money and power as well.

There is another equation that needs to be kept in mind. No high profile prominent leader of Shaheen Bagh has not yet joined BJP. Well, that looks unlikely to happen as well. Most of the leaders were from Left ideological parties, and it would be a political disaster for them to join the BJP.

Democracy works in strange ways. Shaheen Bagh which once became a headache for the BJP now very well turns to an asset. The opposition attacks BJP and terms it as an Anti-Muslim party. However, this could be the moment for BJP to give some counter.