DC Capitol Riot – Police confirmed explosive found near Capitol

The DC Capitol riot shocked the entire world. However, more shocking news is on the way. The DC police said that there were explosives found near the capitol on late Wednesday night.

MPD or Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that they have recovered and removed two pipe bombs from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republic National Committee (RNC) respectively.

The Police continued and said that they also found a cooler with Molotov cocktails in a vehicle. The vehicle also had a long gun on the capitol grounds.

Chief Robert Contee told the reports that an excess of 52 people have been arrested in connection with the DC Capitol riot. They confirmed that 26 people were arrested on the Capitol ground, four were arrested for allegedly carrying pistols without a license. Another person was arrested for the possession of a prohibited weapon. Police Chief explained that 47 people were arrested for curfew violations and unlawful entry as well.

Four people have allegedly died in the incident when Trump supported thronged into the DC Capitol claiming the election was rigged.

A woman named Ashli Babbitt who died was reportedly a veteran and a Trump Supporter.

President Trump has continued the claim of a rigged election, however, Joe Biden has been officially declared as the next President of the United States of America.