Dating online has become the latest medium for hook ups or to find the true love. People have started believing that the online dating sites can actually find them their soul mate. Well, there is nothing that is impossible and there are many instances too, that has worked very well in the online dating. However, there are many that have gone horribly wrong. The major reason behind going everything wrong is the realization of utilization of these platforms. In simpler words, people often fail to understand what should not be done while dating online.

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Introduction or Bio

This is the most prominent part of your online dating but it is often neglected. There are many intros on popular dating sites that are just laughing stocks. One must not write whatever comes to their mind. This is the place where you can explain your interest and ensure that your choices are spelled out. In order to get swept right, the interests have to match, and thus you should write it very well.


Your looks do not really matter every time. So, if you have posted an edited photo or someone else’s photo, just because you do not think, you are beautiful or handsome, stop doing that. It is true that appearance does make an impression but faking the originality can harm you even more. You are beautiful and you just the need the eyes to recognize it.

Cut the Monotony out

If you have befriended well with your online date, the cut the scrap out, and go out for a date. You cannot grow your relationship until you met the person.

Be Aware

Last but the most important is to take time before you share your personal details. There are many frauds, cheats and fake people around. So, make sure that the person is trustworthy for exchanging personal details.