Danny Perry
Source: Facebook

Danny Perry was a celebrated softball player. But he did something terrible after he contracted HIV. The man had sex without protection with at least a dozen women despite knowing he is HIV positive.

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The Nashville Court sentenced him to six years in prison for felony charges. This is the maximum jail term for this offense.

Police and prosecutors have urged other victims of him to get tested. The Metro Police confirmed that they would press more charges if other victims also come forward against him.

The Davidson County Assistant District Attorney, Kate Boston Melby said in Daily Mail,

‘Mr. Perry is a predator. And we’re here for any victims who have the strength and courage to come forward. We want them to know we’ll support them no matter what the circumstances.’

There are at least a dozen victims in Tennessee and other Southern states of Perry.

A woman in the softball came forward and charged him for exposing her to HIV. Perry dismissed any medical history of HIV at that time. Perry was married then and knowingly did not use protection.

The investigation found that Perry had received HIV treatments since at least 2009. The victim accessed the Facebook chat of Perry and got to know that Perry had sex with at least 19 people in the last two years.

During the judgment, Melby said,

He knowingly infected someone with HIV knowing that he had it, knowing that he could prevent it by taking his medication and by using other forms of protection during their relationship, and he still chose to be reckless with other people’s lives.’

Marvelyn Brown, an ex-girlfriend of Danny Perry, also testified in the court and said that Perry had given her HIV in 2003.

In a Facebook post, she shared,

Today was the hardest day of my life. I had to give a witness testimony in The State of Tennessee vs Danny Perry aka Prince Charming.’