Dangal Backlash in China may sound weird to you especially after seeing the whopping collections of the Bollywood movie. However, the fact of the matter is that the movie is actually facing backlash and there is a whole range of debate going in China.

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Yes, the cultural debate centring Dangal has intensified in various platforms now. The Feminists of the Chinese culture insist that the movie has shown Male Chauvinism and the women were subjected to sexism and the freedoms were snatched from them. The idea behind the debate is to prove that the women in the movie had to live the dream of their father who refused to listen to the girls. This is slowly becoming a point for the Chinese people especially the students and the Feminist activists now. However, this is not the only views that are echoed in China.

There are students and movie lovers who have opined that the Father has put in everything to make his daughters fearless and courageous. The movie has lessons to be learnt, believe many young Chinese women. The views of the Feminists have created the Dangal Backlash in China, but the forum is now seeing some neutralization as well. The feminists faced huge backlash last year in China as well, and that is not something new. They have been termed as “Radical” as well.

Well, there is no harm to have an opinion about a movie. It is up to the person to take something from it. The people of China might not be aware of the conditions women face in Haryana and that too in a remote village. The story of Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari Phogat has inspired a generation even before the release of the movie.

Dangal has already crossed whopping figures of 450 Crores INR in Chinese Box Office and it is the best from Bollywood in China.
With the inputs from Global Times (China)