Damascus Blast

Damascus Blast has left 20 dead in the early morning of Sunday. According to the local reports, the blast took place at around 6 AM. There were at least three bombs planted in the city in a suicidal attack. However, the remaining two were reportedly defused as per the reports. But the third one was triggered by a person on a mission of destruction. The intensity of the blast was so much that the residents and buildings of the surroundings were impacted. It was blood everywhere and injured were rushed to the hospital.

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However, there is something strange happening in the Syrian Capital, Damascus. The Damascus blast was one of the series of attacks in the capital which was mostly free from the civil war that has ruined almost the entire country. The terrorists like ISIS, rebels and Government forces, everyone have their share in destroying Syria and the heat is finally reaching the Capital. In recent past at least 150 people have died in Damascus, because of the bombing. The number looks very small when compared to other cities of Syria like Aleppo. However, in relevance with Damascus, this is an alarming figure. This clearly indicates that the target has been switched to the Capital of Syria.

The Human Observatory in Syria is having a close eye on this situation. The indication is clear that the rebels, militants, and others are now turning to the capital. Is it safe in Damascus anymore? Well, with all possibilities, No, not any longer. The War-Torn Syria has just reached the final leap and if the Government fails to protect the capital, a more chaotic situation is expected in future.