micah-johnson Dallas Shooting

Dallas Shooting has revealed the dark face of the racism and the hatred in the United States of America. There are people who think that Blacks are targeted by the white officers. They have tried to kill the people who are an Afro-American race. Micah Johnson was one among them. He single handed killed five officers and injured 9 others. The veteran Army Officer who was once posted in Afghanistan has even more shocking things revealed.

Sexual Harassment in Afghanistan by Micah Johnson

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There was a case of Sexual Harassment against him by a female soldier when he was in Afghanistan. However, he was sent back to America after the incident and subsequently released from the services. The new claims have shown that Micah Johnson had a troubled past and crime record even when he was in Army.

Things from his house

Soon after he was delivered a Robot Bomb and killed, the Dallas Police reached the house of Dallas Shooting Suspect’s place. The ammunition, weapons, planning and journals, combat strategies were collected from his place. He was deeply into the attack and not only that, he did all the researches possible to carry out the same.

Black Panther Party

The newly launched Black Panther Party that has shown the aggressive stance against the Whites for torture against the blacks has some affiliation to him, if not directed. He may not have a direct affiliation but his leaning towards the party and the ideology was clear from the Facebook posts.

He wanted to kill White

Micah Johnson had so much hatred in him. However, all his hatred was for the whites. He mentioned to the negotiators that he wants to kill the white officers and there is no mercy for them. He was upset with the latest killings that created huge Dallas Protest as well.

He was Lone

He was alone and carried out with his own strategy and planning. He did not have any link with any outfit even though he had sympathetic views for the aggressive black outfits.

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