Currency Ban has taken the country by storm, long queues and the lack of cash has caused deep concern for common people. However, most of the people looked enthusiastic about the note ban and seemed ready for the long queues. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has now issued new methods to tackle the cash crunch.

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As per the ministry, the inedible ink will be used in the banks so that people coming for multiple exchanges can be curbed. The religious institutions where the smaller denomination notes get donated have been requested to exchange with the bank so that more people can get cash. However, the government and the RBI again appealed people not to get panic and said that there are lots of cash available even after the currency ban. Digital alternatives to traditional currencies are starting to appear more and more now – if you are interested in learning about these new cryptocurrencies (neue Kryptowährungen), then you can click to find out more, and potentially start building a digital wallet of your own.

Many rumours about the currency ban have started to spread in the media and especially social media and people have been requested not to listen. Few common rumours are like a sudden surge in price, strikes of many industries and even bodies are floating in social media. However, the government assured there is nothing of such thing happening in the country and all of these are being circulated to create panic among the citizen. The new notes of 500 have already been released for the market, and that can make the situation better.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on November 8 that all old notes of 500 and 1000 were discontinued immediate effect and would become a piece of papers from November 9. The demonetization has been widely criticized by the opposition but people

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