Cult couple in Nebraska is facing death sentences. The couple is found guilty of killing a 24-year-old woman and dismembered her body into 14 pieces.

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Bailey Boswell, 26, was found guilty of first-degree murder of Sydney Loofe. Her boyfriend, Aubrey Trail, 54, was convicted last year.

Loofe reportedly met Boswell, on Tinder, a dating app. They met for the first time and Loofe was all excited as per her friends. However, the second date with her was the last of her life. Boswell and Trail strangulated her to death on the second date. Boswell however used a fake name Audrey to meet with Loofe.

Both Boswell and Trail first refused to admit to the crime and said Loofe died accidentally during a sex game gone wrong.

Victim Sydney Loofe Source: The Sun

However, during the testimony, horrible secrets came out. One of the women who testified against them, Ashley Hill told the secrets.

Loofe was not the only woman lured. There were others too. Boswell told Hills that they were a cult couple. Trail is the Vampire and Bailey is the queen. The testimony also revealed that the couple spoke about killing at their home.

Boswell reportedly told Hills that in order to get magical power one needs to breathe in the last breath of a person. Hills admitted that she got convinced of the witchcraft and joined them for a brief period but soon realized what they are up to. She disassociated herself from them.

Hills also told that she never met and saw Sydney Loofe before her death.

The dismembered body of Sydney Loofe was found on garbage on the rural roads of Nebraska in 2017.

If Bailey Boswell is sentenced to death, then she will be the first woman to put on death trial in Nebraska, the Sun reported.