CPEC under threat from India, the Interior Ministry of Pakistan claimed. The Ministry informed the Gilgit-Baltistan government of possible attack and said that the security must be increased. Pakistan claimed that India may carry out a terrorist attack at the CPEC installation to sabotage the progress claimed Pakistan. However, this is not it; the Ministry claimed that India has sent 400 Muslim Youngsters who are getting trained in Afghanistan for carrying out the attack. CPEC Under threat can be another false propaganda of Pakistan to convince the world of something that does not exist.

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This is one of the empty claims that Pakistan has made in recent years. Battling from Terrorism and worldwide damaged reputation, Pakistan has often tried to portray India as a sponsor of terrorism and has failed miserably every time. Pakistan is a country which does not act against the UN designated terrorists but blames others.

CPEC is an ambitious project of China and Pakistan that link Kashgar of Xinjiang Province of China and Gwadar Port of Baluchistan. India has objected to the CPEC considering the National Sovereignty as the project passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan has a history of claiming false threat from India as they violate ceasefire in the LOC and International Borders. They have tried their best to pursue that India triggers violence in Baluchistan but never succeeded. However, this might be their new propaganda to force people to believe India is troubling them. However, in reality, the situation is exactly opposite.

China, on the other hand, has refrained from making such claims and even said that they would try to convince India about CPEC. India has not made any comment on this issue so far.