Cow Vigilante has created wide spread debate in all over the country. The groups call themselves”Gau Rakshak” or Protector of Cows and have been involved in Vigilante justice. But this is something they have missed and that is what primarily they should do.

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In Hingonia Gaushala or Cowshed allegedly 100 cows died. This is located in Jaipur and the cows died allegedly due to the lack of proper Cowshed. However, the Cow Vigilante Group was too busy in Lynching people around that they failed to give a look at Hingonia Gaushala.

Even if they are uninformed, we hope that they would be sprung to actions to protect the cows. Well, if they are Cow Protector then they must do this instead of Lynching people here and there and taking the law and order on their own hands.

However, this is not something new, and many cattle actually die due to poor sheds and arrangements in India. However, Cow Vigilante Groups have not really taken interest on the same. This further raises doubt on the intentions of them.

There are questions that these cow Vigilante Group only come into the picture when there is questions or beef. However, if a cow dies normally, then there is no one to look after. It may be the case that death is normal process and none is eating the beef.

The Cow Vigilante Group has come in news for the torture on people who are allegedly found with beef. But will they take actions for Hingonia Gaushala? This is something we would all like to see.

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