COVID19 Vaccine – Know how vaccination drive is going in the world

 COVID19 vaccine approved by the governments is bringing hope to the economy and mankind. Different countries are at different stages of vaccination drive but everyone is exploring the opportunities.

Countries like the US, UK, Germany, Israel, Canada have already started vaccinating people. Israel has already vaccinated more than 2 million people. It is vaccinating almost 150,000 people every day. The US and UK have also started the vaccination campaign to protect the vulnerable. However, the countries are still registering cases at a large number.

There has been news on the side effect of the COVID19 vaccine as well. Norway reported 23 deaths after taking the dosage of Pfizer Vaccine.

Few countries have started off the vaccination campaign now. India has now started the biggest vaccination drive globally. It is planning to vaccinate 300 million people. The front-line health workers are to get the jab at first, followed by infants and people aged over 50 and vulnerable to COVID19. However, in a country like India where the population is 1.4 billion, even at a high rate of vaccination, the entire drive will take time. On the very first day, India vaccinated 165,714 people.

According to the University of Oxford, so far, 35 million people have been vaccinated in the world. However, it is to be noted that the vaccination needs two jabs and not one.

Many other countries are still in the process of approving vaccines. Countries like Pakistan have approved vaccines now.