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The COVID19 origin has been a debate since the pandemic started. However, there was no debate on the country of origin. The virus was detected in Wuhan of China. However, reckless and careless handling of the virus has been debated by the world by virtue of which it spread across the world.

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The world has targeted the Chinese Communist Party for failing to act early and suppressing the data even to date. Another country that is highly impacted by the pandemic in Italy. Of course, the entire world is impacted, but Italy struggled during the early days reported the NY Post.

A study in Italy suggested that the traces of coronavirus could be from September and not from January. China first officially reported in January of COVID19. There is no authenticity of the report and neither there is any proof. However, the Chinese Communist Party was looking for that opportunity.

China immediately started blaming Italy with whom they share a great relationship even when the diplomacy with many others has gone for a toss. China blames shifted and said the COVID19 origin is Italy and not China.

How convenient for them.

China previously tried to shift the blame to Spain and the US Military as well. They are just taking every opportunity to clear off their hands.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said,

“This once again shows that tracing the virus’s source is a complex scientific question that should be left to scientists. It is a developing process that can involve multiple countries.”

WHO has previously admitted that there are chances that the virus circulated before detected in Wuhan.

However, China had a very strong relationship with Italy. There were direct flights from Wuhan to Northern Italy. There are so many Chinese working in Italy as well and that makes it possible that the virus was exported to Italy even before it was detected.