COVID19 Investigation – WHO Scientists to visit Wuhan after months of negotiations

COVID19 investigation will finally start in January 2021. The WHO scientists are finally traveling to Wuhan, China where the coronavirus originated. WHO has been persuading China for access to Wuhan for a long time, but the communist country has rejected it.

Hedinn Haldorsson, WHO Spokesperson, said that the International mission is expected to be in Wuhan in January next year. The purpose of the investigation would be to investigate the origin of the COVID19 pandemic.

The investigation is starting after a year of the pandemic. Experts have said that this is too little too late. The United States has called for a WHO-led investigation and criticized China for hiding the outbreak which impacted 73mn people globally and killed 1.6mn.

China officially reported the first case of COVID19 on December 31st and closed down a wet market in Wuhan where the virus allegedly started.

The team of scientists was supposedly to go to Wuhan in July to lay the foundation for the health experts to track the first human case. However, that is uncertain now. The first phase of collecting details from humans and animals will now start in January.

Thea Fischer, a Danish member of the team, said that the team would leave for six weeks to Wuhan after New Year. It will also include 2-weeks of quarantine for COVID19 investigations.

She told Reuters that,

‘Phase 1 was supposed to be completed by now, according to the terms of reference, and we should have some results. If that’s what we get when we come to China…that would be fantastic. Then we are already in phase 2.’

She will be joined by Keith Hamilton. Tarik Jasarevic told Reuters that the logistics are being made now and the team will travel in early January. He admitted that there is tremendous pressure on China and on WHO regarding this, Daily Mail reported.

Chinese media and ministry have often shifted the blame to other countries. They have so far blamed, the United States, Spain, Italy, India, and so on.