WHO on Coronavirus Origin
Source: Reuters

Coronavirus origin has once again come into the discussion after months of the pandemic. The world is going through a tough time due to the pandemic, but the theories of coronavirus origin refuse to die down.

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The Chinese Communist Party recently referred to Italian research and said that the virus could be generated in Italy. The virus was detected first in Wuhan. The debate of whether it was originated in the wet market or in the lab is still going on.

WHO however played down the controversy and called it very speculative.

Reuters reported that Mile Ryan was speaking at a virtual briefing in Geneva. He was asked if COVID19 could have emerged outside China.

He outright downplayed it and termed it ‘highly speculative’.

He further said,

“You start your investigation where the first human cases emerged.”

China has tried to put narrative multiple times that COVID19 was originated outside China, even though it was detected in Wuhan for the first time. China first blamed it on the US Military, and then on Spain before shifting the blame on Italy recently.