After receiving several setbacks in the Assembly Elections, the Congress has finally made some changes in the party ranks. However, the reshuffle may have no impact on the party performance. The Congress President Sonia Gandhi who came back to the country after her treatment has started the process.

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The first causality has been Digvijay Singh who has been removed from the in charge of Goa and Karnataka. However, this is more of a reshuffling than removal. Digvijay Singh would continue to head the Andhra and Telangana Division for the party. The Karnataka command has been given to KC Venugopal. Karnataka would face Assembly election in coming times and BJP would leave no stone unturned to win back the state. The party needs loyal members at the helm and has appointed Venugopal who is considered to be very close to Rahul Gandhi.

Chella Kumar has been appointed as the in charge of Goa. However, this is very late as the party has already lost the state despite winning more seats in Goa than BJP. There were allegations that Digvijay Singh was slow to make things happen and lost the state.

However, all of these procedures may not have any impact on the result of Congress. The party needs to make some radical changes and start fresh for the revival. There are problems within the party and there is no election coming up right away. This is the best time when Congress can ensure that they come back to the mainstream as a National Party. Otherwise, it may soon become an irrelevant name in Indian politics.