Congress is out of ideas and every time, the Congress Vice President speaks, he proves the same. Rahul Gandhi recently launched an attack on PM Modi in his constituency Amethi. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must handover the nation to Congress if he is unable to manage the plea of the farmers. Well, he was obviously trying to reach to the farmers as part of the pro-poor politics of Congress, but he failed miserably again.

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The Indian National Congress has defied the challenges it has faced since the emergence of Narendra Modi in BJP. The aggressive policy of BJP has sidelined Congress and now they are fighting for relevance. However, the Congress Vice President has not gathered adequate information from the past experiences. Congress needs a makeover and it needs urgently. Amethi has been the bastioned for the Gandhis’ but unfortunately, the region is still a rural area of Uttar Pradesh. The Congress Vice President has failed to do anything for his own constituency when Congress was in power and now attacking the Prime Minister.

It is never too late for anyone and the same goes for Congress. Congress must admit the flaws and the setbacks that it has received. They have to come up with ideas and plan to counter the BJP Politics. However, if Rahul Gandhi continues to blame BJP for something or the other, it would only reduce the seats of Congress in the upcoming assembly.

The leaders of Congress must be united and come together for the makeover to stand any chance in near future. However, if not, then the biggest political party of India would have vanished in the history pretty soon. This would be one of the major setbacks for India as well. Indian democracy needs a strong opposition so that people have an alternative.