Clean Chit to Zakir Naik

Clean Chit to Zakir Naik has been given by the investigation agency. After many showdowns, Zakir Naik can finally get the shy of relief. His Peace TV was recently banned by Bangladesh for influencing youth for Dhaka Café Attack. Zakir Naik who was in Saudi Arabia and was to come to India had canceled his trips.

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It was previously told that Zakir Naik is fearing his arrest on his arrival and has made changes to his plan and went to the African Countries for preaches. However, the clean chit to Zakir Naik may be the indication for him that it is safe to return to the country.

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It was blamed that Zakir Naik has motivated people to become terrorists and join ISIS. However, he condemned the idea of ISIS recently and said that he has been wrongly interpreted. On the other hand, Bangladesh has taken stern action against him and his Peace TV.

It has been understood that there was nothing concrete and suspicious found the man that can be called as inciting terror or similar. His preachings may have some words but that cannot be termed as the provocation so far.


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Police previously told that hurting religious sentiments can be the maximum thing that can be charged upon him after the initial investigation. However, the state agency has now given the clean chit to Zakir Naik and that can ease up the situation a bit. However, a protest or allegation from Right Wing especially Shiv Sena can be expected on this matter.

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