CIA Attack on Kim Jong-Un – DPRK says, it’s Declaration of War

CIA attack on Kim Jong-Un was reportedly plotted, accused DPRK or North Korea. The report came after North Korean Ministry of Security declared that CIA and South Korea agency have plotted to kill the young leader of the country with a lethal biochemical weapon.

In the attack, terming the act as inhuman, DPRK said that the US was able to bribe one of the citizens to carry out the killing. The attack was so finely plotted that nobody would have ever pointed out to the West for this, added the comments. As per the reports, the Biochemical weapon can slowly kill the target after 10-12 months. However, the target may never realize that he is getting killed. The war of words, however, did not stop here from North Korea. It further said that the act was actually a declaration of war against DPRK.

CIA has not made any comment on the same, however, it is expected that it would answer it as baseless allegations. There are however several doubts on the claims of North Korea. Firstly, it does not really specify how and when the plot was foiled. It also does not specify any details of the attack or how it planned along with South Korea. There is no information either on the alleged traitor of North Korea. It is believed that the recent allegations would further increase the tension in the peninsula.

After the claim of CIA attack on Kim Jong-Un, DPRK can actually go ahead with the sixth nuclear test. If that succeeds, then a war can be expected.