Chunky Knitted Blanket pattern

Winter is here and it’s brr baby! But what if you were to spend cold evenings snuggled under a giant knitted blanket? Your prayers are answered. These super cozy woolen wonders are a major hit on the social platforms. Their style and appeal is humongous.

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These chunky wool blankets were first created by Ukraine-based designer Anna Mo. She started it out as a hobby initially knitting them out of her hands as they are extremely thick. Then on they have been famous worldwide through the online selling portal Etsy. The Etsy store Ohhio is extremely popular and sells a variety of blankets, woolen wear, and yarn.

Huge Knitted Fluffy Blanket

Made out of 100% Australian merino wool its hand-knitted to perfection with 40mm wooden needles. These fashion and home accessories come in 49 different shades. You can custom order them for a price tag of anywhere between 400$-900$. Apart from these huge blankets you can order woolen scarves, cowl, sweaters, beanies, and pet beds. If you intend to make these fluffy wonders at home you can buy the yarn and needles from the store.

Fashionable wear knitted out of huge wool

Mo finds her inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian minimalistic designs. Her unique experimentation’s have turned into a full-time career. She also runs specials like free shipping, and even sells DIY. Her blankets are an excellent way to gift a loved one, especially on special occasions.

I can only imagine toasting marshmallows over a warm fire and reading books all winter while being wrapped in this exquisite woolly blanket. Whether you buy them or knit them you simply can’t resist them!

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