Christians detained in China – After Uyghur Muslims, Christians are detained and brainwashed by CCP

Christians detained in China in secretive and mobile transformation facilities. Radio Free Asia reported that Christians are forced to denounce their faith by the Communist Party of China.

According to the reports, the mobile facilities have own group of communist legal and political affairs group. It is staffed by various people from different state departments. The mobile facility can be set up in any basement. The primary targets are Christians from the House Churches of China.

The House Churches in China need to be backed by the CCP-controlled Three-Self Patriotic Association. Any other church gets constantly attacked by the Police and religious affairs officials. However, the CCP backed house churches aren’t fully protected either.

Xi Jinping and the Communist Party of China, consider Christianity to be a constant threat from foreign powers. The CCP embraces Atheism and has very tight control over the religious practices of people.

According to RFA, a person who was detained for 10 months in a windowless room, shared horrific details. The identity of the person cannot be revealed for obvious reasons. He shared that he was tortured, intimidated, insulted, beaten up for 10 months. In the end, he resorted to self-harm to escape the daily torture.

The officers generally prepare a statement for the detained people, and they need to accept it. If not, the beating and detention continue.

Nefarious design

People from House Churches are generally picked up for working on church-related activities. They are then sent to the transformation centers. Then the torture, brainwashing begin. If someone refuses to admit to what the officials are saying, they are sent isolated confinements.

No Sun can be seen from the rooms, and it is a horrifying experience that can create trauma for the rest of the life.

According to the reports, these facilities are built across China. Protestants, underground Catholica members, and Falun Gong Spiritual movement people are targeted for transformation.

Detained people are also drugged and horribly abused. There is no time limit for the detention, some are even held for years for being Christian.

China has categorically targeted people who practice any religion. The West has kept silent mostly for the Uyghur Muslims for their vested interests in China. However, will they be silent for Christians too?

Well, the reports of Human Rights Abuse, concerns, and suffering of the people do not have any consequence on China. They do their business as usual and the west enables them by making it a superior economic power to carry out such horrendous abuses on its own people.