Chinese Embassy Blast in Kyrgyzstan – Several Dead

Chinese Embassy Blast in Kyrgyzstan has left one dead. The authorities have concluded that the suicide bomber died in the attack. He rammed a car into the gate of the Chinese Embassy causing the explosion.

Three Security guards all of them Kyrgyzstan employees are wounded. So far, no more death has been reported. The officials from the Chinese Embassy and adjoining US Embassy have been evacuated after the Chinese Embassy Blast in Kyrgyzstan.

Here is the Explosion Video – Source China Xinhua News

The Central Asian country an ex-Soviet Union is fighting from Islamic Extremists for long time. The authorities claim that they are always at fight with the Islamic State who wants to enter the country. However, it has not been officially declared that whether the attack carried out was by Islamic State. Women were also among the wounded reported media reports.

The incident shocked the international community and it was feared that several might have died. The media reports quoted that the locals said the intensity of the blast was very high and the window panes of the adjoining areas were disturbed by the blast. The car was carrying explosive material that caused the Chinese Embassy Blast in Kyrgyzstan officials confirmed.

China has yet to issue any statement on that attack. It is yet to be clear that whether any Anti-China element was behind that attack. Kyrgyzstan shares border with China and it could be a reason as well. However, primary reports suggest that Islamic Terrorist most probably Islamic State is behind the attack.

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