China’s CPEC, a major part of their ambitious One Belt One Road or OBOR initiative passes through the POK region. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. India has strongly opposed to this initiative and said that China should not violate the sovereignty of India. However, CPEC is going as usual. However, the same China now asked India to stop the development program in North East with Japan. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet and thus does not want the third party. China has crossed all limits of hypocrisy and now becoming nothing but a laughter stock in the world.

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China has a border dispute with almost every neighbour apart from Pakistan and North Korea. Introductions for these countries may not be required in the world today, but they have remained one of the key reasons of the world instability. China has not respected sovereignty of any of the countries but wants everyone to respect its concern. This is the time; they should mend their ways and ensure that they do not do something that makes them laughter stock. They want to become a world power, but releasing statements with no sense, they will only become irrelevant from the world politics.

China said that they are closely following the Indo-Japan relations. Well, there is no harm in it. But if their CPEC can go ahead, so can the North East projects can go ahead. India is growing and the muscle flexing of China would not work now. China must improve the relationship with the neighbouring countries including India and ensure that they remain relevant and a voice in South Asia, Asia Pacific and World Politics.